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dream high has ended . . . . SEASON 2 !!
15 March 2011 | Tuesday, March 15, 2011 | 5 CLICK CLICK TO LEAVE A COMMENT ♥
annyeong ! today giliran KOREA pula ...
ha ! dream high dah tamat kan . huaaa , sedih la pula !!
gonna really miss the drama . especially group DREAM HIGH :)
drama ni baru habis tayang kat KBSWORLD .

its like watching a journey of a person to become a star . 
  • ingat lagi tak , samdong yang memang country bumpkin rambut serabai then transform into a cute medium hair guy then a macho short hair guy
  • ingat lagi tak hyemi yang tiada perasaan transform to be a better person .
  • ingat lagi tak pilsuk yang super fat transform into a skinny beautiful cute girl .
  • ingat lagi tak baekhui yang baik then transform jahat then transform baik again .
  • ingat lagi tak jinguk and jason transform jadi ????? hahah , dua tu meera tak tahu , transform sikit je kan .
fyi kan , semasa post in sedang ditaip , meera tengah feel sambil dengar lagu DREAMING oleh soohyun (samdong) that is also dream high OST . lagu ni i suka sangat ! haha . especially chorus . walaupun tak lantang ke rancak aneh ke , tapi memang sedap .. tenang .. and yang paling penting .
i think it's soooooooooooooooo sweet !!! gomawoyo to the people who created the song . its a nice song . eventhough i dont really understand the meaning completely , i'm sure the lyric is also great and sweet right ? :)
wah , dengar berulang kali ni ..

eh chop ! haha , dah tengok lirik , wahh , sweet jugak . 
pasal dreaming a dream and when he's down he stand up again ! 

jom sini kalau nak try dengar lagu DREAMING ni :)

click here time samdong pekak masa nyanyi , so sad !!
  • omggg, this made me want to cry D':
  • the sound make me hav courage!!!
  • So SO SO love this song....very inspring..move forward towards your dream!
  • He is so awesome! *fan girl scream* 
  • @junenglove i totally agree.. I cried when he performed this and his hearing was out. I was the one who felt really hopeless.I cried when he performed this and his hearing was out. I was the one who felt really hopeless.
  • This song is so beautiful. You know, sometimes, there is just ONE special song that can get you to think so much about your life and it's definitely this one. Beautiful <3
  • i heard this song,, i cried..
    sometime i tried to not cry but,,
    he really know how to touch the fan heart..
    good job kim soo hyun..
hmm , samdong pekak . alami kepayahan la , a singer but deaf ? how can that be ?
but samdong's brave enough , he's gonna keep goin with the help of LOVE ( sebut seksi ) . hehe
yieeha , HYEMI is the LOVE .

scene hampir last . want to put the pic of the last scene , but , its kinda dangerous ,
so , hehe . 
cute !!

i'm gonna miss this drama !
most of the actor/actress is a rookie , so , you guys did a good job .
towards the end , memang sweet ! hyeseong is cute teenager , pilsuk and jason married i think , MR.KANG and MS. SHI married also , btw , pasangan cikgu ni memang cute sangat ! hahaa .
fighting !

best best . people around the world watch this drama , right ? memang best !!!!!! love the drama .
one of my fav .
and everybody wants a season 2 !!!! including me :)
ini bukti buktinya :

  • I may have said this before but the moment between Sam Dong and Hye Mi is very precious. I love how this time she was chasing after him, i'm in tears so beautiful.
  • Many say this ending was a happy ending. But to me it was kinda sad. It looks like Sam Dong would be super lonely. Just as Hye Mi said "Although he may be on the brightest path, he is most probably the loneliest person out of all of us." That was such a cliff hanger. I hope there is a season 2 and sam dong returns to Korea.
  • season 2 please
  • I hate the ending sfm. I want them to be successful......together!! =[
    This was so a cliffhanger :(
    Season 2 better appear :(
  • I love this drama so much. This is my favourite drama right now <3 I love all the characters in it
  • Not enough!! I want season 2!!!!
  • samdong & heymi end up together. samdong is performancing grammy awards in us.
    because samdong wants to prove himself to her.
  • wait so did samdong and hyemi end up together? please tell me yes, it would be so sad if two people with that much love didnt end up together.
  • Omo, probably the best drama. I love the part "Im singing at the top of my lungs, I'm giving it back" Omo it was sad to me. :'[ I really will miss this drama.

haa , kan . ini baru 1/10 je .ramai lagi yang minta . so hopefully ada season 2 . and tayang la time curi panjang , nak tengok !!!
heehe , macam betul ada season 2 . cause drama korea jarang dibuat season 2 because most of the drama is very special . so if mereka yang dying nak season 2 , go to korea , and ask the production and kemukakan usul usul , hehe . insyaallah akan dipertimbangkan :)

hmmm , itu je nak post hari ini . wahh , so sad , next week tak dapat tengok drama baru ganti DREAM HIGH . TTTTT.TTTTT .

to MR . INTEGOMB , please pasang TV di setiap tingkat aspuri beserta ASTRO !! and ringankan waktu prep , pukul 9 siapa nak prep pergi prep siapa tak nak, tengok TV . PLEASE !! hahaaaaaa .
impossible . -_- .

till we meet again . bye bye . annyeong . jalga ~~~
siapa sokong DREAM HIGH SEASON 2 ?? hehe

P/S : this friday super junior will be arriving in malaysia ! scream !!
want to go to SS3 T.T . ticket anyone ?

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