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20 August 2011 | Saturday, August 20, 2011 | 2 CLICK CLICK TO LEAVE A COMMENT ♥

the last song novel ! by the best selling author , NICHOLAS SPARKS !
haha , bajet je letak gambar atas ni -__- .
isi tetap sama yang beza just cover je .
the one i read, is this as the cover .. beach

special thanks to MARSHA , for lending me da book .
bukan murah k , RM69 ( tanda harga tak buang )
mesti ingat this book will be kinda like BORING and stuff right .
i thought the same too , not until i kept reading .

disebabkan ingat cerita ni boring ,
meer tak baca and pegang je novel ni 2/3 months ,
marsha ingat still baca , sorry marsha ! haha .
sebab 1st baca chapter one , dont really understand the flow
of story plus i didnt kept reading . satu page then stop ,
sebab tu tak feel ..

baru minngu ni , after test august tamat ,
last monday . i started reading the book back .
trying to get the feeling and i did , haha
like marsha said , once u start cant stop cause u wanna 
know whats going to happen next ..

today , 20.8 finish reading it . siang tadi . wuhuu
tebal okay , about 3/4 cm -_-"
that is why when reading this , it felt like you r watching a drama 
but u control when to watch it .

this book is like a sweet love story and about life .
ada movie kan , miley cyrus and liam hemsworth .

member kata best , but i dont know , seems like a bit different than
in the book . i say the book is much better ..

memang sweet lah ! WILL and RONNIE .
there is many lines that i love ,
found one !
will and ronnie gaduh then ~

"you dont even know him," Ronnie said to her dad .
"no," he said . He smiled, his expression tender. 
"But i know you. And you were HAPPY yesterday."

"What if he wont talk to me ?" she fretted.
"He will "
"How do you know?"
"because i was watching, and he was HAPPY too. "

to those who understand :)
to those who doesnt , sorry :(

towards the end ,
her dad was dying , cancer ..
she watch her dad dying and shrinking by day .
and THE LAST SONG she played for him.
so sad .

p/s : BOOKS always better than MOVIES except
for HARRY POTTER ... wonder why ...

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