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wehhh , really ??? waaaa ..
haha , tak sempat assalamualaikum ..
assalamualaikum ,..
ok continue , really ???

source further revealed, “For Full House Season 2, the scripts for 3 episodes are already complete. For the leading roles, they’re currently in talks with Song Joong Gi, Shin Min Ah, and Big Bang’s T.O.P (Choi Seung Hyun). “Talks are ongoing but nothing is set in terms of airing times, what station it’ll air on and who’ll star in the drama.
this was been said earlier in january 2011 , and i know about it recently..
haha , yes !! it's true lah kot.
i know , crazy right ?
ke ramai yang dah tahu ?
whatever lah,a lil excited  .
yela , the whole asia and beyond had watched the success of FULL HOUSE starring RAIN and SONG HYE GYO. and some people watched this many times and diulang tayang kat TV berapa puluh kali dah..
i really never expected that there will be season two.. whoaa ..
this is a must watch drama for KDRAMA fans right ?
confirm lah ..
but , this drama is still in working , dalam perancangan , script dah dimulakan
and casting pun baru dimulakan , but as far as i know , there are already main actors ,
no min woo , hwang jeong eum, park ki woong and maybe more.. song junggi , shin mina ?
No Min Woo Hwang Jung Eum Park Ki Woong
and some says that maybe rain and hye gyo or either one of them will be cast , i dont know , maybe rumours..
seems like impossible , but if rain or hye gyo will be starring , its gonna be a hit drama .
but yes , i dont think so , when will this drama be airing on tv ?
and then haha , 
please under kbs .. senang tengok :)
and please after SPM 2012 , pretty please , haha , like the producers can hear me -_-"
please , after spm ! kat asrama mana la dapat tengok T.T
ok , that's it , just bored that's why i posted bout this , i know , should be studying ,
ariosssss !

p/s : fun is fun , spm is still going to be in mind :)

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