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my fate is the same..
21 January 2012 | Saturday, January 21, 2012 | 2 CLICK CLICK TO LEAVE A COMMENT ♥
assalamualaikum.. haiyaaa !
this is what they all ask , ASPURI SBPI GOMBAK ..

eh meer ! dorm apa ?
meer meer , dapat dorm apa ?
aku makmur 4, kau ?
aku ngan basyi damai 2 , kau dorm apa meer ?
damai 6..wok ?
awak dorm apa ?
so macam mana , dapat dorm apa ?
meer sejantera 6 kan ?
meer betul ke s6 , tahun lepas s6 jugak kan ?
haha , dorm same eh meer ?

to those who doesnt understand what is damai makmur sejahtera all that ,
i'm telling you now , itu adalah aras , ataupun tingkat kediaman asrama puteri , aspuri integomb..
at the very bottom ,
1st floor : AMAN
2nd floor : DAMAI
3rd floor : MAKMUR
4th floor and the highest : SEJAHTERA

and me ? wehh , my fate is the same , last year it was SEJAHTERA 6 and this year, my final year i'm in SEJAHTERA 6 again.. what a luck .. i thought i might be experiencing another "type" of dorm , but then , bukan rezeki..
arrived there on the 3rd of january about 3 pm, high hopes..
then , first person i saw was mimi , haha , jumpa tepi jalan , then ,entered lobby aspuri , all i saw was nadhirah tajuddin smiling right at me :)

but the thing is , i regret the most , lupa nak sebut bismillah main cabutttt je kertas undi tuh T.T
anak anak di luar sana , nanti dapat sbpigombak kalau cabut undi ke jangan lupa bismillah ya ,..haha .
tangan ni ha , gatal sangat terus masuk dalam tupperware tuh , nak intai , but nadhirah tak kasi , haha ..
so , my hand went in , touched and grabbed a few papers !
my hand went up , and i was holding about 5 small papers , haha tamak kan ..

then i knew that i was supposed to pick just one small paper , and slowly I dropped a few papers then
its just between a red paper and a pink paper ..
i dont know why and it all happened so fast , i let the red one falls back into the tupperware ,
opened the small pink paper and bushhhhhhhhhhhh ,
hahahaha , tak percaya , hard to believe at that time , i mean , s6 ? again ? hoho..
terkaku selama 5 saat..
then minta kat nadhirah nak tukar , and die kata tak boleh .. sedihh ..
dah form 5 , ingat nak aras bawah2 sikit senang la , tapi apakan daya dah nasib dah rezeki ..
maknanya ALLAH percaya saya mampu !!
haha . syukur ..
let this year be the best year of s6 okay .
s6 with ain in that pic wearing glasses beside me  :)

at first it was sad , felt like crying but then , ramai jugak s6 yang stay , bila masuk je s6 ,
budak2 semua jerit "kak meeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !! " haha -_-" terpaksalah senyum ..
but then , its okay , s6 is great , spacious , clean , cool , breezy and most importantly kamar tekun , 
study room is just beside us :)
so sejahtera or not , we , JUMPERZ will score , will get straight A+ this 2012 spm ! 
amin !

p/s : i felt like an information center , haha ..some newbies people who get the offer to
sbpigombak this year and wanna know more bout it
add me on facebook and ask me.. 
they all said they accidently found my blog while searching ?
okay , embarassing ! 
but glad if i'm a help :)

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