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01 June 2012 | Friday, June 01, 2012 | 0 CLICK CLICK TO LEAVE A COMMENT ♥
annoucing , the amazing .....
agak ketinggalan but nevermind :)

date : 21st of may 2012
venue : dewan seri gemilang SBPI GOMBAK
theme : red carpet a.k.a academy award

seriously , it's senior year, and it is the perfect teacher's day i've ever had .
teacher's day in INTEGOMB is definitely different from my previous school .
In CJ, prefects handle the teacher's day, but here, the entire FORM 5 students are in charge.
it is a blessing for me to be able to experience those moments .
even the teachers themselves said that :
it was the best TEACHER'S DAY in the history of SBPI GOMBAK so far 

 Imagine how happy we are . hard work being put on , and yes, it paid off.
lets rewind some of the moments shall we ?
okay , early morning , pakai BAJU MELAYU HITAM sebab saya adalah penari opening, with some friendss .
traditional dance okay :)

seriously , betul betul macam pergi awards ! felt so real !
good job !
let see some of the teachers ..

habis buat opening , terus lari ke surau ( shhh ) and bertukar .
haha , kelam kabut ..
changed my clothes from black baju melayu to chocolate dress cardigan , tadaa

trophy ? we did not won anything , that trophy was a gift to all teachers..
memories to be kept :)

you will not want to miss any second in the hall .
serious , setiap saat dipenuhi sesuatu yang sangat menarik and cikgu cakap teratur .
tahniah kepada orang atasan. you guys did a very good job..
berakhir sudah , saya pergi menyibuk ke belakang and tolong bagi CUPCAKE kepada cikgu.

and our gimmick was the coolest .
go nami ! he's the best editor..
congrats, cikgu FUAD puji .haha..
kalau nak tengok dialu-alukan, just go to youtube and type GTA awards gimmick .
not sure if all the videos are there ..

okay, post yang pendek and brief cause my holiday is now over, and kem pecutan is upcoming !
excited ? dont know , seniors told me that it was fun , so i'm expecting fun, hopefully .
counting days for SPM .. crazy, few months and that's it .
ya ALLAH , let me do my best for SPM, excellent please .. amin ..
ada rezeki insyaALLAH dapat .. tawakal at the same time i'll work hard and pray :)
bye !

p/s : what is my ambition ? Is it that important ?
I'll figure it out INSYAALLAH soon :)

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