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YayasanTenagaNasional EDUCAMP 2013
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here i am, going to share my experience to those who wants to know, who will be going, who wants some tips, and to those who dont want to miss gaining atleast a lil knowledge from here
 INSYAALLAH . grab a bottle of water, its been a while since i written a long post -_-"
the YTN educamp was held from 5th apr till 7th apr, 3 days n 2 night .
read and talk to yourself how to think postive atas segala rezeki yang ALLAH beri.
remember what i am sharing not to be admired but to be inspired ..

okay, never crossed my mind that i'll be taking accountancy, ever , it has always been medic.
but here,i just applied with no enthusiastic, and tup tup, i made it, and went to the educamp holding the title accountancy as my preferred course.

one more thing, dont be sad or feeling down if you are not straight A+ or even straight A students, cause i'm not even straight A+, i'm just average, yes nothing more,.
of course there were great and best students there but hey,
there were also some friends there who were not even straight A's but see, they were there .
nothing is impossible, percaya pada rezeki..

here's a thing, my aim was 
okay, meera, kau dapat yayasan tenaga nasional punya educamp, kay, fine, accounting, kay fine. tak minat pun, tapi pergi je la, mana tahu situ rezeki kau .

okay, tapi sebenarnya, here's another tip, instead of just gaining experience how about we just do our very best right ? there's no harm to you..  then it will be a great thing INSYAALLAH, if you gain experience while doing your best, niat kerana ALLAH, and eventually you will ace it even if you dont even like that thing.

alhamdulillah, i checked the web and i was shortlisted for the interview session that will be held form 9 april to 12 april, and i'll be going this 12 april, friday, penghulu segala hari. alhamdulillah..
back to the educamp,
i must say overall, it was AWESOME and seriously i had a GREAT time there at ILSAS, uniten.
it was not stressful at all, the activity was enjoyable, nothing that'll pressure you, that's what i like.
the great thing is, with activities like that you are able to be comfortable and just be yourself.,
be yourself, you are special in your own way
there's no essay, no harsh interview, no tense competition, but conversely i repeat it was awesome
and i'm going to miss it .

fact : this is one of the place where girls were minority :) ratio of girls to boys was 1:5
in a group of 13 or 14 people, girls was only around 2 or 3, there rest were boys. cool right :)

this is me and my new friends,
became close friends just after a few minutes when registration was done
let me introduce you to my roommate , she's a chinese named CHIN from kedah, she is sooooo nice !
she doesnt mind waiting for me all the time, and respected me when i'm praying in the room. touched :')

i'm just going to summarize things that we did there .
my first day was quite an embarrassment and "kelam kabut", that evening before fitness test, i left my body number, rushed back, and i actually forgot my keys, went to get it, ran back, and suddenly,
arhhhhh , I FELL IN FRONT OF A GROUP OF BOYSS . they laughed..
"takpa takpa, tak nampak tak nampak", one of the boys said .
i got up quickly and ran as fast as i could TT TT
how i , maluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ! haha. kay, i fell like a kid, it was slippery, but i'm glad i'm not injured, that's what matters --_--"
be patient in all situations, jgn kelam kabut sangat, tengok tu kan dah jatuh.
stay calm allright, and dont forget those important things ..

okay . when i received the "invitation", what i did and what we should all do is researching..
i searched for the camp, yayasan tenaga nasional educamp 2011, 2012 and read some blogs about their experience, what i read was the same for both 2011 and 2012 and i thought it's going to be the same this year too but teeeeettttttt, jangkaan meleset. this year it was very different !

we have about 171 candidates from all over the country and what we did first was lining up, 
and they will record our weight and height, hua huaa, they wanted to know whether we are underweight, obese, or normal, make sense , so take a good care of your body
we also obtained our BODY NUMBER ( this is the most important thing at the ytn educamp ) . 
mine was 106 .
we wore tags with the num at all time cause they'll be assessing you based on this number, not by your name or who you are.. this is mine :
there were 6 bengkel alltogether.
and if i wasn't mistaken, previous year the group was permanent throughout the bengkel but here the best part is, this year, it was randomize for each bengkel. means ?
meaning that every bengkel, you'll be in different group meeting different people..
liked it because that way, we'll be able to make new friends easier .
know your roommate and your friends, it is not that hard to remember another person besides yourself okay . 
because something "not so fun" actually happened, a negative thing, and those negative things i left it there, dont think i should share it here . just remember what i said.. 
the group was ABCDEFGHIJKLM . haa, count it, yes, 13 groups in total. but of course, there's name for each letter. APLHA, BRAVO, CHARLIE, DELTA, ECHO, FOXTROT, GOLF, HOTEL, INDIA, JULIET, K(lupa la), LIMA, and MIKE.
so as there was only 6 bengkel, which means i was only able to be in 6 groups and the best part is, all of my group were not a disappointment , alhamdulillah .

have i mentioned, the first night we only able to get an hour of sleep ONLY. yes on hour or less.
because our activity on the first night ended at 5 something in the morning. and we have to get up early..
the weird thing is that i wasnt sleepy troughout the game that night . i was wide awake and i had fun actually..
all of the game was interesting and my team cooperate well enough,
haa, remember, be a good team member, when you are in a team, please take part and give full cooperation, play your role as a team member, in life, you are not alone !

this is us, drawing on each other's faces as been told to do so . our group theme was "tumbuhan" , and i chose a simple tumbuhan which is FLOWER, see that flower, my friend did a great job drawing it.
drawing this thing at about 4 something in the morning ! yeah its AM not PM
this was my group for the night.

they prepared a fitness test, yes ,what else than to test how fit you are .
it was a bleep test and i'm sure those who went to the national service will know exactly what is bleep test.
running back and forth as many times as you can with several rules, terms and condition.
so here, 
dont just be excellent in academic, be sure to be fit also, healthy, why people want to give scholarships to those who is sick, unhealthy to work for them, they invest on YOU or another term is YOU are their investment.
and as for me, ALHAMDULILLAH, syukur because my result was actually better than when i was in national service, i'm so glad i made an improvement.. its not a big deal to some, but for me it is..

okay, this two elements is quite important in an interview and to "highlight" yourself ( menonjolkan diri ).
the very last night, there this activity in the last bengkel which was SUPER SPONTAN.
i thought yayyy this must be fun, must be a funny game ! teeeeetttttt, meleset lagi..

turns out, it was like a public speaking where the assessors called your body number, you go in front picked a title from an envelope, you are given 30 seconds to think and then facing your group members, present it within 5 minutes . 2 sessions, BM and BI .

what's important here is to be confident whether what you are saying is right or wrong . just be confident and they will not even notice if that point was correct or not because heyy, its your opinion .
most importanty, DO NOT STAY SILENT . that's a NO NO people .. say something, anything, think carefully and rapidly..
polish up your general knowledge people , jgn jadi katak bawah tempurung .
even i'm lacking of general knowledge, dont be like me . be better :)
what ? you're a muslim and you're not obeying your religion ?
no matter what religion you are, this counts actually ..
how can u abandon your GOD, so the educamp actually assess us on religious thing.
so you must be loyal and faithful to your GOD and muslim especially, never ever abandon ALLAH..
"saya nak yang bertudung pink untuk turun ke bawah", kata komandan kem..
and i was like... erkk, whyy i'm wearing pink today ??!!
so, dapat agak tak ? ok, if u dont understand, leave it there, you dont have to understand..
everything has ended,. here's a thing, wherever we go, we have friends, YTN educamp is not excluded.
be a great friend and INYSAALLAH you'll obtain a great one too.
all the people i met was amazing, genius in their own way, mature and nice,
the friendship that had been made will never be forgotten insyaALLAH.
FRIENDSHIP IS VERY VALUABLE, so make friends, not enemy .

that's all . should be prepared for several upcoming interviews ,
doakan saya mampu buat yang terbaik ..
tawaran temuduga hanya peluang,belum bermakna apa apa selagi tawaran itu
belum ada ditangan .. nothing, semua sama sahaja .

p/s and just be grateful of what ALLAH gives you,.
jangan salahkan atau pertikaikan keputusan SPM itu ..
ada hikmah disebalik dan ada yang DIA sediakan untuk kita ..
local or oversea, no worries, belajar je betul2,
bila 4 flat nanti,ada je peluang ke oversea insyaALLAH :)

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