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I'm back and today I just want to share about those three 'organisation's' scholarship that I've stated up there. Cause even I seek help at some blogs and who knows I can also be a helping hand to some.


it was friday
we were supposed to be there at 2.00pm but i arrived at 2.40 and of course
i was the last person to arrive.
so i went up to the first floor, opened the door, haha hanya mampu tunduk malu
cause i only see boysssss sitting comfortably on the sofa.
went to the counter to register and i found out i was the 90th interview candidates, well because
it was the last session of interview for ytn 2013 and i was the last person to arrive.
which means, i was the veryyyy last candidate, haha, seronok pula jadi penutup --_--"
did i mention i was THE ONLY GIRL.. about 9 boys and me .
when the briefing session started at 3.00 pm, the 'miss' who briefed us said :
eh kenapa ni dah macam kapal berat sebelah je.
what else to expect, those 9 guys sat on the left and i was alone on the right side .
seriously, even i was embarrassed being the only girl, those guys just laughed .

but then when the 'miss' went out preparing to call for interview,
those guys started to sit wherever they like and closer to me well to have a chit chat.
and all of them were so cool, they're nice, those guys was from yayasan saad, SAS, ASIS, UTP and more, they treat me like i'm their friend
even though they didnt know my name well except for ADAM, he's a genius classmates,
he was there too.
so i actually have fun communicating with them, exchanging views and story.
there was the HEADBOY of STAR( sek. tunku abd rahman ) it was the third time i met him after x a plus programme 2012 and the ytn educamp(previous post) and he's hillarious, haha.

then at 4.30pm, there i was, alone cause me, the last one..
my name was called, went into the interview room, and i saw a huge table almost like a dining table
but much cooler.
there was 4 interviewer against me, the chief i think his name was encik azman, got beard, and
absolutely nice.
the questions was :
-tell me about your parents
-what about sports ? and here in your certificate, what is touchby ? ragbi sentuh ?
-any other sponsorship you apply ?
-accountant ? soalan ni tak berapa clear, i think he asked something bout accountancy in UK and in US.

the competition is high...the chances is, who knows..
i should get over it and you should too if you're having the same fate as me means like if you are not pleased with yourself or the interview, move on, and focus for what's ahead, ALLAH akan tentukan yang terbaik.
rezeki, Allah lebih tahu ..

it was sunday 
and yup it was the selection to those who wanted the petronas scholarship 2013
this year it was quite different cause it was a whole day.
previous years if i wasnt mistaken, they attended the petronas educamp for 2 days one night.
how i am super glad it was only a day, ALHAMDULILLAH.. 
dapat atau tak itu bergantung pada rezeki yang ALLAH nak bagi
i'm just taking the chance that He gave..

it was held from 9.00am till 5.30pm but we had to register at 7.30am and i arrived quite
early which was at 7.45, hehe . ah forgot to mention the venue.
at TAYLOR'S UNIVERSITY lakeside campus.

all of us were divided into 4 large group which was A B C D, as simple as that .
and under that group we were divided into smaller groups. I was in group B1.
fyi, i was the first to register as B and the first to sit in the hall as a B ,
and that's why i sat on the wrong chair , embarrassing -_-"
the abang said
"sila penuhkan kerusi yang hujung ni dulu"
"ohh ok ok, sorry sorry "
thank god everyone was focusing on the screen .
haaa, as we waited for the registration to end, in the hall ,
kami dihidangkan dengan iklan iklan petronas !
i liked this , cause you know right how MEANINGFUL petronas commercials are,
i actually enjoyed it. TAN HO MING one, and many more, haha

so what did we do there, common interview ? no .
first half it was presentation in a group.
i was in a group of 5 : ameera ( me ) , azura ( seriputeri ) , a guy i forgot his name ( smss ) ,
heng ( a chinese ) and another malay guy, haha , forgot the malay guys' names T T
but i didnt forget their faces :)
we were given a case study, all of the groups received the same one

each of the member will obtained different roles to present about.
there was 2 interviewer, they're nice .
we entered one by one to present or explain about our roles and opinions
during my explanation, the interviewer actually interviewed me by asking several questions, why i pick the course, about my family, and about army, why ? haha , cause i explained something bout army and PLKN
then after every member done presenting, all of us went inside to discuss the solution.
we had to discuss until we attain the decision, the interviewer will just watch you,
so you have to
-participate in the discussion
-suggests your proposal
-give your opinion
-listen to what your members got to say
-cooperate with them
-communicate well
after we achieved the decision, then only the interviewer asked us about the solution we obtained.
so we answered well enough, it doesnt have to be a person only to give the answer, if you have anything to say about that decision just blend in and say it, brings you no harm, from that we know that you actually participated in the discussion.

for the second half, well it was the thing you all like to do and always do and will do,
EXAM or TEST sounds better.
the test was on mathematics and science, if u apply for accounting and such you will answer test on maths only but if its engineering, yes, math and science, so polish up the brain
30 questions in 1 hour.

next test was VERBAL CRITICAL THINKING where there'll be english passages and you need to, well answer it, haha, YES , NO or CANNOT SAY.
DIAGRAMMATIC CRITICAL THINKING where there will be sequences of the diagrams and determine what's next.. simple .
so your IQ is needed for this, so was mine..
i think we did the test in a lecture room, or i dont know but it was sure big and cosy and cold !
i suggest bring watch cause i forgot to bring mine -_-". easier to be alert with time, cause you know how iq test are, time is vital, time is like chasing you.
speed and accuracy is needed.
me in red, with fellow INTEGOMBians ! there's more of them, but i had to go home 

16 APRIL 2013 - MARA

yes, temuduga ? tettttttttttttttttttt, no , it was a test ..
MARA has never done this, this is the first.
haiyo, i thought interview la, why must this year everything is so different than previous years ?
i think maybe cause the competition is much higher and limited space perhaps..
i'm quite disappointed cause i'm looking forward for the interview and i'm also worried what if i dont pass the test .. the test was mainly about entrepreneur, a lil calculation and your self..
my test started on 6.10pm ended at 7.10pm
1 hour is given,answer 100 questions and one summary like essay..

12, 14, 16 april.. masing2 selang sehari..
whatever it is,ALHAMDULILLAH...
nothing is a guarantee.. especially about the future..
kalau ada rezeki mudah mudahan dipanggil untuk interview YA ALLAH..

all the best to mates who'll be goin to khazanah, mmc, uem, and apa apa je yang bakal korang pergi test ke kolej ke diploma ke A level ke IB ke asasi ke whatever it is just jangan lupa Allah and parents anda, peringatan untuk diri sendiri juga.

guess that's it for now.
another long post .
now i'm blogging bout interviews and stuff , next who knows
i'll post about my actual course and my actual place that i'll be in.
mohon sahaja yang terbaik , ALLAH lebih tahu..

p/s : aim high for your future, because ?
find the answer in this .
aim for the moon, if you miss, you might hit a star .
clear ? 
all the best to everyone

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