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alhamdulillah, PETRONAS scholarship .
08 May 2013 | Wednesday, May 08, 2013 | 6 CLICK CLICK TO LEAVE A COMMENT ♥
at about 6 in the evening, 30th april, comfortably sitting on a chair
when suddenly my ringtone startled me,
hesitated a bit cause it was a non familiar number,
touched the answer button and

MR : hello, ini cik nur ameera binti hamalek ke ?
ME : ya, saya .
MR : saya nak maklumkan yang cik dapat scholarship petronas,ke UK, dan persediaan di KYUEM .
MR : ya, kyuem. jadi cik nak terima tak ?
ME : saya fikir dulu ya ( senyum melebar, syukur )
MR : baiklah, nanti datang mendaftar bersama ibubapa ye.
ME : baik, terimakasih, alhamdulillah 
MR : ya, alhamdulillah, tahniah

and i wasnt sure did he finish talking or not,, well i thought he was done talking
so i press end call . haha .
lebih kurang macam tu la. i cant remember exactly --_--" 

i was flabbergasted, whatt ?? really ?? alhamdulillah..
dapat scholarship petronas ?? ya ALLAH... serious ke ni ..
all i can say is ALHAMDULILLAH

but it was a phone call that noticed me of obtaining the petronas scholarship, yeah not the web.
i was quite busy that morning as i was involved in the UM's interview, sains hayat,
and was not able to check online .

i do remember that morning, about 10 something , i was actually in the hall of pusat asasi universiti malaya (pasum) , getting ready for interview, when JEN, a friend called me and gave a news that he was successfully offered the petronas scholarship !
and i was so happy for him, he asked me whether i got it or not but i could not answer him as i was about to be interviewed .
he asked me if i want him to check for me....... and the answer is
NO NO NO ! do not check for me, haha.
hello, reality check, want me to lose focus for the UM interview that i was about to encounter..
haha, seriously, i didnt want him to check for me .
me at the UM interview, CREAM was my theme colour that day :)

if i accept the petronas scholarship, my details will be like the following :
- program persediaan = A LEVEL
- kolej persediaan = Kolej Yayasan UEM ( KYUEM )
- course = chemical engineering
- country = United Kingdom
the strange thing is that, KYUEM ?
frankly, i did not know and never heard of kyuem until i filled up scholarship forms after spm result.
by that time, ouh, kyuem ? a college ? and suddenly i read a blog of a student from kyuem,
and he said on his blog that his college kyuem is one the best in malaysia, and various scholarship bodies send out their scholars to kyuem including the national scholars..
i was like,
"wow, really ? the students there must be geniuses and budak budak straight a plus, i felt like , i'm just 'normal', can i stand a chance to be there too ?
hmm, insyaALLAH.. "

but i didnt think i could actually have the chance you know. it was absurd .
plus, i didnt even know that petronas send some of their scholars to kyuem, i only thought they send them to TAYLOR'S and SUNWAY also INTEC..
then again, rezeki ALLAH.. terkejut sangat..

so ameera, what is it going to be ?
are u going to accept it ?
or stick with medic ? your childhood dream ..

i'll continue in the next post insyaALLLAH.. about what i am going to choose..
its not a small thing, its about my future, and that is what worries me..
may ALLAH guide me to the right path ...

salam :)

p/s : friends, get ready for mara, jpa, jpa-mara yang akan keluar keputusan,
lagi ramai akan fly :)
mari terbang bersama capai cita cita dengan izin ALLAH.
local also not bad . malaysia boleh !

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