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alhamdulillah,roller skates then YayasanTenagaNasional(YTN) scholarship
17 May 2013 | Friday, May 17, 2013 | 12 CLICK CLICK TO LEAVE A COMMENT ♥

alhamdulillah, another scholarship comes knocking my door..
it was seriously unexpected, seriously, no kidding, i was so mad at myself as i thought many things went wrong during my ytn interview, but idk maybe for me it was bad but maybe i'm the one who worry too much .
my interview, you can check out how it went for me, click it to see the fun i had :

me at yayasan tenaga nasional interview !
jadi, lihat ada ayat dekat post after ytn interview which sounds like this 
"the competition is high...the chances is, who knows..
i should get over it and you should too if you're having the same fate as me means like if you are not pleased with yourself or the interview, move on, and focus for what's ahead, ALLAH akan tentukan yang terbaik.
rezeki, Allah lebih tahu .."

haha, itu merupakan ayat berserah.. it was a way of me telling that i did not think i nailed it and i thought yayasan tenaga nasional scholarship was'nt meant for me, i was like yeah, i dont think i'll get it .. but, yes, ALLAH lebih mengetahui.. alhamdulillah, dapat juga offer..

jadi, kronologi nya macam ni , yesterdayy.... 

i went roller skating with my friends, first time roller skating but somehow i can do it like a pro,
( haha want to punch me in the face ? )
tak pro lah,no no no, i started quite wobbly and unstable but few minutes later, i got the hang of it, and yeah, when u can skate, you'll feel the fun , seriously.. thank you ALLAH..
thank you The Wheels Subang Avenue in Subang Jaya.. insyaALLAH i'll visit that place again..
i'll show you the situation, tadaa, roller skating in darkness...
we skates for about 4 hours :O, without warming up..
that explains why we were on the massaging chair in that picture .
siapa yang jatuh banyak agak kasihan, lebam lebam..
lepas habis skate memang jalan semua dah longlaii..
okay, then we made a quick stop at subang parade as a few friends wanted to buy something there..
i sat beside farah on a sofa , when a man called me..

MR : hello, ini nur ameera binti hamalek ke ?
Me : ya saya, kenapa ?
MR : saya nak maklumkan yang cik berjaya ditawarkan biasiswa yayasan tenaga nasional, electrical power engineering, twinning programme, 3 tahun di uniten dan 2 tahun di amerika syarikat.
Me : ohh, terima kasih 
MR : cik ada dapat tawaran biasiswa mana mana ke ?
Me : ( arghhhhhh dalam keadaan serba salah, mcm mana nak jwab ) ya, arr, dapat petronas, tapi saya tak confirmkan lagi.... 
MR : ( suara encik macam sedih ? ) ohh . kalau terima ytn, daftar pada 10 jun ya
Me : okay.

haa, there's more about email, reply to the email, but i'll stop there..
alhamdulillah.. eventhough i'm still not sure whether i'll be accepting it or not, still, thank you Allah..
tetap satu rezeki..

jadiiiiii, yang manakah ? YTN or PETRONAS for now?
ytn 2 years in US, petronas 4 years in UK..
electric power engineer or chemical engineer ?
itulah, sebelum ni tak pernah terfikir nak jadi engineer apa apa pun T T
never cross my mind at all...
i already have a choice in mind, hoping Allah sets out the best for me,
i dont know what is infront of me, what is ahead, but i know for sure,
He'll always be there for me.. He'll never abandon me..
pray for me, so that i'm going to make a right decision insyaALLAH..

okay friends, i heard some 'luahan hati' a few yang kata,
wahh, bestnye oversea, untungla kau, jealousnya, aku pun teringin...
its okay to be envy but control it, even i was like that at the beginning,
tapi percayalah, Allah dah tetapkan yang sangat sangat terbaik untuk setiap insan yang tidak lupa kepadaNYA.. 
setiap perkara ada hikmah, everything happens for a reason kan, and He is indeed the ???
jadi, teruskan have faith in Him, if u want oversea so bad, or that university so bad, or wanna go that country so bad, and when u dont get it, should u give up ? no.. even i will be like 'down' and heartbroken but, be stronger and think ahead and think that when one door closes, another one opens, a better one indeed insyaALLAH.
bersyukur lah dengan apa jua yang kita dapat, yakinlah dengan Allah, kalau Dia tak bagi sekarang, mungkin akan datang Dia bagi yg lebih baik...

che ariffin and adam anuar also got it, schoolmates, integombians,
alhamdulillah but the news is, 3 of us might not accept it ...
che ariffin and me petronas, adam bnm.. so, no one will be integombians ytn representative ?

p/s : upu ? alhamdulillah got my 1st choice, UM asasi sains hayat.
yes, if i want to be doctor i can stay malaysia and go to UM,
but let go petronas and ytn ? 
Allah knows better :')

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