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17 July 2013 | Wednesday, July 17, 2013 | 0 CLICK CLICK TO LEAVE A COMMENT ♥
assalamualaikum !
ya, it's gonna be a busy weekend, well maybe not that busy
but still busy comparing to my jobless other weekends for the past 7 months

to simplify,
buka puasa
PESP (petronas) award ceremony

and its happening for consecutive days
for more details, this is where i'll start babbling, i meant talking

FRIDAY-19th july
since its bulan ramadhan yang mulia, my batchmates planning to 'buka puasa bersama'
with jumperz tercinta, my integomb batchmates 
i actually having doubts whether to go or not, but thinking of silaturrahim,
meeting those awesome friends,
i'll be there insyaALLAH

SATURDAY-20th july
this will be the day i need to actually literally start packing for my 
two years of doing a level.
two years, it's the same duration of my presence in sbpi gombak,
since i entered that school when i was 16.
and look at what i obtained there, JUMPERZ.
i look forward for my a level, insyaAllah i'll attain great friends there too
eh, where did i go ? i suppose to talk about packing.
since it's not really a school, its more to an english boarding school, i'll be having my own room, so i think things to be packed will be much more than i used to pack for integomb
iron, kettle, baju kurung, common things, lets hope i wont be forgetting anything precious

SUNDAY till MONDAY-21st to 22nd july

there's a ceremony i will be attending which is PESP ( Petronas Education Sponsorship Programme ) award ceremony. 
i'm excited , because

1. meet my scholar mates, which i can get to know who they are
2. the ceremony is held in UTP , several jumperz are there !! wanna meet them

that is if it goes well, and as planned only if ALLAH permits it.

gonna sleeping somewhere in UTP i guess, wonder what it would be like,
i'll find out sooner or later. 
so that sunday morning, will be going to klcc, ride the provided bus by petronas to 
UTP and there will be rehearsal , iftar, solat at the utp mosque i think.
been there once, the mosque was beautiful from the outside. i'm sure it's beautiful in the inside too
the ceremony will be held on monday, which i'm not sure morning of afternoon, and i'm not sure if the itinerary will be packed with other programmes or not.

TUESDAY-23rd july
this day is D DAY i tell you..
the day where i actually going to continue another chapter of my life
this is why i do my packing on saturday, got no time to pack if i do it later
it's been 7/8 months after spm,
and only if you have been reading this typical blog, you'll know how it goes 
from my spm results
how i attend interviews
how i didnt even have any direction on what's going to happen next, 
how i never imagine of getting into 'this' place
anyhow, by using 'this' place i meant KOLEJ YAYASAN UEM
i've been reading about that place from a blog and never thought i would be enrolling in
never been there, but recently saw the signboard when i was on a highway
this is the old one i think, because the one that i saw
recently was a bit different than this 

this particular day, 23rd july
saya, nur ameera akan mendaftar ke kyuem...
i think i'll post about that place later, when i have acquainted , 
or after spending some days or weeks there.

till we meet again in another post

p/s : wonder how the ky induction week ( orientation ) 
will be conducted since its ramadhan .

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