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yeah, i've never heard bout this place too
each time some makcik or pakcik or relatives ( since we celebrated raya recently right )
asked me

ABCD : meera, belajar mana sekarang ?
ME      : kolej yayasan uem :)
ABCD : apa ?
ME      : kolej yayasan uem ( slowly )
ABCD : dekat mana tu ? ( muka confuse )
ME      : lembah beringin...

see how famous kyuem is ? lol . it is famous for it's achievements academically
( kyuem A LEVEL results are one of the best in Malaysia, or some says it is the best in Malaysia )
but not so well known to the community.

maybe just maybe because ky ( short for kyuem ) is situated in such
an isolated place.. lembah beringin, ada apa di sanaaaa?? nothing i tell you..
the nearest would be pekan tanjung malim, went there once on my very first day with my mum cause we needed to buy some cleaning materials for my new room in ky, and all they have there are only kedai runcit..nothing much.
it's about 45 minutes to 1 hour drive from KL.

so the sponsors that sent their scholars there including me, must've wanted us to study there and do nothing else. yay .
our entertainment ? it's all in kyuem
FYI, on my first weekend there, me and some other friends decided to go to mid valley,
it supposed to be a trip where bus will drop us there and send us back to ky in the evening, but it didnt happen that way, something went wrong and the bus was cancelled,
amazingly we still went on with our plan to mid, but using taxis and ktm.
the journey was almost 2 hours -_-" slept a few times in the ktm.
almost 20 stations, almost.
but it was fun though :)

BATCH 16.0
that is my batch :)

it means that I, or should i say we are the 16th generation of ky
i've been here in kyuem for almost a month now and
alhamdulillah loving this place
but actually right now, i'm home cause it is the long weekend
long weekend indicates that we dont have classes on saturday,
short weekend got classes on saturday

basically kyuem is a boarding school, an english boarding school to be precise
but not like mrsm or sbp , its more, hmm , prestigious ? lol
it's a great place, the accommodation, the food are awesome .
seriously the FOOD, like those served in a hotel, is that exaggerating ? but its good
compared to other boarding schools, its not just me saying that,
all of my boarding school friends there said the same thing, much better
since it's a private college where the fees are wuuuuuuuuu $$$
so they have to be concerned about the qualities and the facilities
i will never be in ky if it wasnt for my scholarship.. cant afford lah.

and the students there ? pergh . haha . the best of the best in malaysia are there.
national scholars are sent there.
felt so intimidated but everyone is feeling the same thing.
like in a class, where the teacher asked to do a question
and 10 seconds later,
"teacher, the answer is bla bla bla, is it correct ?"
or or
i'm doing question number 2 and suddenly i heard whispers
"what answer u get for question number 8 ?"
i was like ..... why u so fast !
haha, i need to get used to this situation
and learn from them :)

yes, we dont call our orientation week as orientation week,
we call them induction week . the same meaning, i think.
it lasts for a week . which was sad cause its kinda short but also thankful its not that long.
how was it ?
it was fun :)
of course there's tiredness and felt like, why are they ( the seniors ) treating us like that?
we're new, dont expect us to know everything, lol .
but all is well, it was fun, i didnt take what they say to heart, it's all part of induction.
let's just stay cool

played many games, thank you seniors for organising those activities
you guys are busy with university placement and personal statement but still
manage to handle the induction week with full of responsibility . good job .

SAMURAI . haha . you'll only know about this if you're a ky student,
if you're not, you'll never find out about what is this samurai thing.
our tradition .
before i enter kyuem and read some blogs mentioning samurai, i was like,
what is it , what is it.. dying to know.
now i know it, i can carve a smile on my face,
it's no longer a secret, for me that is.

gonna stop here for now.
since there's not much pictures in this post
there'll be another post where i'll show you my room !
and some places in kyuem !

later : )

am i too early ? oh well .
tanggal 31... bulan 8, 57....

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