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Petronas Education Sponsorship Programme (PESP) Award Ceremony
06 August 2013 | Tuesday, August 06, 2013 | 0 CLICK CLICK TO LEAVE A COMMENT ♥
assalamualaikum !
where to start eh ?
its been awhile since my last post,
and its been quite a while since the award ceremony, lol
i didnt have the time to post after the ceremony as the day after that was my enrollment in kyuem.

as u know,
this is the raya break, a week of holiday ! yay.
i'm thinking to share my experience of attending the pesp award ceremony
which was held in Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP)
the main reason --> i was searching for some experience of other petronas seniors but there was none,so haiyoo i had no idea what the event will be like, hence,
i hope this will help the future juniors
A two days one night occasion , filled with fun fun and more fun alhamdulillah
not to mention a suprise accommodation !!
i'll tell you bout that later in this post

well actually, currently i'm doing two jobs at a time
blogging and homework-ing ( my IELTS homework, a book report )

okay lets begin...

we, petronas scholars who wanted to have a ride to UTP using the transportation provided by the kind petronas itself must gather at the KLCC foyer around 8.30 am
suprisingly i was one of the early people..hoho, yeah suprising.
thank you ayah and mama

there were 3 buses, divided non equally i guess
1 bus for petronas scholars in taylors, 1 bus for intec
and 1 bus for other colleges ( the college which petronas sent a small number of scholars which is Kolej Yayasan UEM, Kolej Tuanku Jaafar, Kolej Damasara Utama, Sunway College )
yeah that means i was on the third bus cause me a kyuem-ian *pompom*

arrived in UTP around 12.30 plus minus in the afternoon
and was sent straight to the CHANCELLOR HALL which was ENORMOUS i tell you
for our rehearsal
me with fahima on your right and najwa on your left

there i met petronas officers that are in charge for the whole duration of us being petronas scholars 
they're young, i mean looked young, but no idea bout their age
we rehearsed, arranged our seats,
fyi, a senior told me during his award ceremony they were arranged according to the country they'll be sent to, but idk if its for the award or the dinner
but this time, my year, for the award recipients, we were arranged according to our courses, me, chemical engineering sits beside my chem engineer mates from taylors kdu and such

rehearsal ends around 3.30pm
we went back into the bus and SUPPPRISEEEEE

petronas officer : ok, lepas ni kita akan pergi check in hotel

haha, simple je.
but suprising, for me, cause i really thought that our accommodation will be UTP
i imagined that we would be sleeping somewhere in UTP
tup tup hotel... alhamdulillah.. but its just a 7 minute journey by bus from UTP

and guess what, i slept alone, i got the room all by myself cause my roommate didnt attend the ceremony
so she was absent.. scared at first being alone, but as i enter the hotel room, heyy there's nothing to be scared of :) bila lagi dapat merasa duduk bilik hotel sorang sorang kan
this is my hotel room

and there was a dinner or should i say iftar that maghrib
the best dinner ever.. 
i was wearing red tudung with peach baju kurung
initially when we reached the hall,we sat wherever we want with the people we wanted
looking back at these pics makes me kinda miss them already

but later, the petronas officer split some of us up so that we could mingle with 
other petronas scholars. great :)
this was my table. awesome friends i made there

later that night, shooting session lol
my friends and I, we woke up for sahur at 4.30am
sahur-ing at the hotel restaurant, it was a nice meal
after sahur, i did a little packing and get ready for the award ceremony

finally..... it was the ceremony
started around 9 am
the VIP arrived
there was some speeches by the VIP, the selected scholars
and the moment we had been waiting for,
going up the stage ! lol . notice the sarcasm a bit there

the stage was big and 'long', haha, so
we had been ordered to WALK WITH STYLE ! 

to wrap things up, it was a decent yet memorable ceremony for us scholars
thank you petronas for organising this award ceremony for us
appreciate it, really
some other scholarship bodies didnt even throw something like this for their scholars
and the amount of petronas scholars for oversea and UTP this year are about 200 people
yet they held this ceremony for us. thank you !

the ceremony ended and its 'cheeese' time before we head home
i met my fellow jumperz !

we own the same name :) met at yayasan tenaga nasional educamp and now together as scholarmates
on your left is me, ameera, the right one is amira 

time to hop on the bus. 
left UTP for KLCC and back to where we belong...
say bye byeeeeee everyone. 
lets meet again for the

P/S : happy raya everyone !! hope to see the next ramadhan insyaALLAH..
and maybe in my next post i'll talk about KYUEM :D
if and only if i have the time. 
balik kampung.....

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