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13 December 2013 | Friday, December 13, 2013 | 0 CLICK CLICK TO LEAVE A COMMENT ♥
assalamualaikum and hello !
abandon this blog for quite some time now.
now i'm here.

well first of all, alhamdulillah, diberi nikmat untuk hidup dan menulis blog
and alhamdulillah it's holiday !
sem break to be precise, for a month .
it's not that I hate kyuem, it's an awesome place(seriously),
just that being with family is far more awesome
because I get to see my parents, how grateful we should be as we still have them
you dont really have to express your love to them openly,
just by constantly praying to Allah is great actually :)

back to our topic, my room . yes.
basically for now, kyuem actually has 3 different types of accommodations,
the similarity is that one person one room and one chalet/apartment/cluster consist of 4 people
and of course, one airconditioner in the common room

1st : chalet

2nd : cluster

3rd : apartment

well, hehe, all those pictures are real except for the apartment ( but it's almost the same )
what to do, no pictures of my apartment from the outside, forgot to capture it

okay, so which one i'm staying at ?

the story goes like this,
a long story but i'm gonna shorten it,
on the day of registration, i was late, a bit..

around 1 in the afternoon after briefing session with petronas has finished, i went back to the Great Hall to continue with my registration as i wasn't able to finish it in the morning

there were many registration tables, and the accommodation table
was the last checkpoint of registration if i wasn't mistaken,
I was given some strange looking keys.. not that strange :3
suddenly, the miss who gave me the keys said this and it was shocking,somehow

"this is your apartment keys, and this is the route to the apartment
( while her hands moving on a piece of paper ) "

and my reaction ?

I was about to cry, but holding it of course
"apartment ? what ?"
"I thought in KY there's only chalets "
"and I am really looking forward to be staying in a chalet !"
"no one mention there's apartment for students in kyuem "
"it must be bad, it must be old and ugly "
"this is why I should not be late"
"ohhhh YA ALLAH, give me strength "....

but Allah knows the best, i cant believe myself..
everything is really the opposite of what i imagined !
it's not old, it's new actually, it's far from ugly and it's really not bad ,
it is great to be honest..

facts that made me smile again :
--> spacious !
---> got sink
---> dining table
---> almost like a house
---> and much more :)

before we go 'into' my room, meet my apartment-mates !
insyaALLAH we're gonna stay together under the same roof until A level is finished :)
hoping the four of us will ace the exams insyaAllah
and they are really nice,
it's me in black and my apartment-mates.
2 sarawak-ians and 2 selangor-ians

let's have a tour shall we...
4 rooms right ? so the rooms are A B C and D, mine is C, come on in,
let me open the door
( warning : bersepah sikit, sticky notes here and there  )

this is how it looks like,
sorry, the bag is there because I was about to go home at that time :)

as we can see, lol
I have a theme there
it's ' orange yellow brown ' , didnt plan it though
so random, first I randomly picked that bed sheet
next, my mum bought the mat and it is within the colour theme...
so yeah, it's random but nice colour combo and i'm okay with it

does the room looks small ? but it's really not
we can have a feast at the middle there, lol is that exaggerating
but it's bigger compared to chalet's or cluster's room. really.
other girls came into our apartment and most of them was surprised
as it is bigger... lucky us they said. syukur

what can I say is ALHAMDULILLAH
it turned out really well isnt it..
from about to cry of not having chalet
to a big smile.what a twist ...
Allah has planned something much better for me,
I was a fool for not having enough patience
but still,

and praise to Allah again for the facilities . it's great !
take a look

honestly, I love the wardrobe, simply because it's bigger than the one
in Integomb.. much bigger .
bila dulu di asrama rasa almari kecil, besar badan je tiba tiba dapat
almari dua pintu dan bilik besar, sungguh..
how grateful i am :') 
but now integomb dah maju, so I think most of them use a much bigger wardrobe

AND YOU, thanks for cooling our days, mister air-cond

these are the items that I bought to make my life easier

okay, that is all !
hope it's helpful for those who will be a student in kyuem

p/s : recently watched 3 Idiots for the first time.
i must say, ONE OF THE BEST.
it's not just a movie. there are a lessons to be learnt

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