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assalamualaikum !
( this post has been a draft for months !!!! )

this time, an event, a great event indeed well for me
KYUEM ISLAMIC WEEK (kiwee) 2014 that was held from 20th till 23rd of January

alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah, I was a part of KIWEE committee which I would say
one of the best thing ever. I was the secretary , and truthfully, it has been a while since I've been one .
so I admit I was not that efficient with all the proposal things and letters, what a work !
ohh but again alhamdulillah I survived okay

but the work doesn't end there :O

our kiwee 2014 activities includes :
-islamic cultural night + slam poetry competition
-tug of war between houses + archery
-hijab workshop ( could see the ones not wearing hijab actually wore them )
-talk on misunderstanding of ISLAM
-closing ceremony + talent night + video competititon
in details, with the posters, tadaa


the speakers was Aiman Azlan, Lim Jooi Soon and Dr Syafie.
the title/topic was Reclaim Your Heart: The Missing Piece, it was our theme.
alhamdulillah, the speakers did really well. I mean it was interesting for me because the 3 speakers was completely different in terms of their views. one with details in Quran, one with his psychological and biological view and another with his in depth knowledge of other religions.
great combo
however, there were rooms for improvements from our side :)

honestly,I dont really know who is this Aiman Azlan before this KIWEE thing :3
the girls was like, 
"yayyy aiman azlan, nak aiman azlan datang" and macam macam, I was like not sure how to react since I never knew who's that guy. haha. well now that I know him, he's good with his jokes, a good speaker indeed, as a young guy, yeah. respect.. 
( habis forum kami ahli kiwee bonding session dengan aiman azlan dalam bilik tetamu sambil makan , hehe )

 we didn't miss the chance to take a picture with him. yup he's the guy in purple baju melayu


basically there was exhibitions and a competition, 
a slam poetry competition, if you know nothing bout slamming, 
check it out on youtube, just search for slam poetry, about Islam, preferably,
very interesting indeed. it's like rapping but at the same time it's poetry.
this event was a great way to witness bakat bakat penyajak muda kyuem
ada juga yang bawa gitar menyanyi tiba tiba :)
DIAMOND was the winner !! yay. 

I guess the pictures explain everything,
tug of war, a well known game to lift up almost anyone's spirit, plus, it was between houses,
and every house wanted to prove they are the strongest 
the winner was SAPPHIRE , congrats, almost unbeatable . :O
and I was one of the 'score keeper/writer', I helped writing the scores

archery was fun too ! I tried it myself and of course TIDAK KENA PADA SASARAN -_-"
but yeah, good experience, KY students was amazed how we pulled it off, how could
we invite archery people with all those archery stuff into Lembah Beringin
Archery in KYUEM ? that is what we call RARE
well, we had our source :)

yes yes, kind of like live tutorial of wearing hijab and how to style it 
this was a great opportunity where we could see the girls trying out how to wear hijab
especially the non muslims, very cute :)
and yes, some of you may recognise that woman, our speaker for this workshop, it was
but I wasn't there, too bad, but I didn't regret it alhamdulillah because I went to a game which was held at the same time called RUNNING MANNNNNN ! 


it was so much fun alhamdulillah !
I was one of the checkpoint person,in charge of a simple game, but yeah, seeing how those kids react
was cute
oh and yeah, Running Man KIWEE style was a bit, okay a lot different than the Korean one
we just 'borrowed' the name RunningMan top get the kids excited and they were !

fascinating actually how I actually grew up joining a lot of activities like running man ( explorace etc ), and this time I was the one helping out organising, it's a different feeling., a feeling of, " maybe I did grow up " alhamdulillah for my past.. sedih pula

TALK : Misunderstandings of Islam

Islam is actually a religion being misunderstood most for what I've seen,
especially for people who dont really know Islam in depth
so we have invited a really great speaker which was Ustaz Fitri Abdullah, used to be a non Muslim
but now look at him, a Muslim which I think his knowledge could be more than us who's a pure born
Muslim... MasyaAllah..
major part of this talk was basically Q&A session with him where those who tend to misunderstand and wants some clearance of any facts went in front and asked him. Alhamdulillah many people attended including some teachers, dan soalan tak putus putus.. he was really good. he was able to answers those questions which was not like ABC, it was regarding Islam and only Allah and he knows how big the responsibility was, added there was also non Muslim that attended the talk.


tirai dibuka dengan video competition, and TOPAZ won it, congrats
there was also talent night and every house rep showcased their talents in their own ways
rezeki berpihak kepada DIAMOND, again. I acknowledge that. diamond was good, they combined islamic elements with a bit drama. interesting :)

time passed by , the night ended and we, the whole KIWEE '14 committee gathered for one last time
we reflected back of what had happened. some speeches from the seniors ( ex KIWEE high committee members which was the president of student council and president of musolla community )
Kak Salsabila ada cakap " akak dah tak risau nak lepaskan kolej ni pada korang semua" lebih kurang, which was meaningful, I was worried if we didnt do well enough, but the seniors said they enjoyed the kiwee week and we got complimented, praise to Allah, alhamdulillah..

me and my fellow high committee members, thank you ! 
I enjoyed myself working with all you people <3

P/S : currently a one week break before TRIAL exam.
may Allah ease everything...
sayaa dah tak reti nak edit blog -_-" adoi
karat dah segala ilmu kanak2 ni

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