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Done with AS, A2 awaits me + ucas thingy !
15 August 2014 | Friday, August 15, 2014 | 3 CLICK CLICK TO LEAVE A COMMENT ♥
assalamualaikum and hai :)
alhamdulillah, been given another chance to breath, to live, to write something and to do something. hoping that with every chance He gives to see the world one more day, we can keep on improving and be better. let it be a continuous process !

exams exams and exams, the thing about exam is that sometimes it makes you or maybe just me, feel like ouh I must do well, I need to score this, I need to go to that university I wanted, I must make my parents proud . yeah true, who wants to fail, but the other day, a sister from University College Dublin ( wow nak juga tau ) joined us in KY for an usrah session. btw she's an alumni of KY. she reminds us that being in KY exams is like number one. but
we need to remember that seeking Allah's pleasure is suppose to our number one. the rest of our reasons should be right after that. 
I am sure we all muslims know this. honestly,it's not easy but it can be done. but we need to work on it and every time we do something, lets remind ourselves, we do this for the sake of Allah. that way, we can literally differentiate the rights and the wrongs, halal or haram.
a reminder for myself too

okay, continuing, alhamdulillah AS results are already out online and alhamdulillah most of us got excellent results. while other people checked their results right after 1 pm, me on the other hand did it late at night.
jadi penakut memang macam ni -_-" seram sejuk nak check

"barang siapa yang bertaqwa kepada Allah swt, nescaya Dia akan mengadakan baginya jalan keluar . dan memberikannya rezeki dari arah yang tidak disangka sangka. dan barang siapa yang bertawakal kepada Allah swt nescaya Allah swt akan mencukupkan (keperluan)nya". - a verse from surah At Talaq
such a POWERFUL verse.. feel it, trust it and you'll experience it inshaALLAH..

it was kind of inspiring seeing seniors I've known got super excellent results for their A2, they were on cloud 9 and they are able to enter the universitities they wanted. itulah rezeki.. like i said, inspiring.. so I really need to work hard to finish A level with flying colours also :) amin.moga dipermudah bagi kami.

whoooppp, making choices would be one of the hardest thing ever. need to pick 5 UK universities to fill in my UCAS application + personal statement need to be polished
( my personal statement panjang sangat T.T )
so still googling the universities, the environment there, which would suit me best. but then again, what you want might not be the best for you right ? effort need to be put in, and leave the rest to Him.
weeee that rhymes :D

till next time .. salam :)

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