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20 April 2015 | Monday, April 20, 2015 | 0 CLICK CLICK TO LEAVE A COMMENT ♥

well, I dont want to believe I'm 20 but I have too  T,T
it's a sad thing but also something to be grateful of , some people dont live up to this age
yet Allah allows me to be breathing until this very day

last night was one of the most amazing night I've had in KYUEM..
one of the best BIRTHDAY ever
and the most touching, ya Allah :')

it made me realised how super grateful I am being able to know the friends I have in KYUEM..

the situation  :
after isya' prayer last night, something was definitely fishy, but nahh, didnt think of anything big
but as I reached my room, yes there must be something going on
I remembered clearly I left my door room ajar, but it was shut tightly when I was about to enter
" okay, I know someone or two must be inside " " chill, buka je pintu "

it turned out to be something I.. couldnt imagine.
it was dark, and definitely not just one or two people inside, someone was holding a cake with candles and everyone shouted
and I had a 2 second screamed , haha, it was so unexpected
these pictures are not even close to half of the number of photos that were taken last night
that shows our love to camera

moving on,
still in my telekung, shocked, speechless , cause didnt expect that many people to be hiding in my small room
tried to control my speechless-ness then blew the candles, in a TELEKUNG. haha..

now one of my favourite part is FLOWER CROWN !
I've always wanted one, and Allah made that happen last night, Hanis bought me a flower crown and a cute wand unlike long straight harry potter wand, more like a wand that a fairy or barbie would use <3 lol
I find the combination of flower crown + wand is super kawaii, like celebrating birthday of a 10 year-old girl, but the twist is that I'm 20

the cake was amazing, the decoration was superb,
simple but meaningful, tiny disco balls, what else can u ask for, haha

all in all, am glad of the friends I made here
now this makes me feel sad to leave KY, it's the people you meet here, not the place
I used to think that I wont miss this place, but now I realised I would because of these people I have, the friends that will want to go to JANNAH with you :')
most of their wishes would be wanting the friendship to last till Jannah
This is the real diabetic-inducing sweetness..
when they make you remember our Creator, not the other way round

ya Allah, grant us all SYURGA FIRDAUS

I could ask for no more, it was perfect to me
a beautiful way of becoming 20
thank you mastermind HADIRAH, and everyone who was at the surprise party and those who wished and you people out there :D

pray for us please,
all of us will be facing A level examination in about less than a month time
please make dua that all of us will ace this final exam.

till the next post inshaAllah :D

p/s : received korean wishes from tons of korean artist including Exo's Kai, Chen, Lay, 
Running Man's Gary, Haha and Big Bang's GD, TOP
but... the handwriting is the same for all

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