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Biro Tata Negara ( BTN ) + Outward Bound School ( OBS )
19 August 2015 | Wednesday, August 19, 2015 | 0 CLICK CLICK TO LEAVE A COMMENT ♥
assalamualaikum and a very good dayyyy.
It has been awhile but I'm back to share the experience I gained
from those two camp


A 6 day camp, mine was at Kem Tanjung Rhu, Sepang.
I'm sure most of you have heard of BTN but not that familiar with OBS
most students that are going to study overseas are sent to BTN.
ususally people who attend OBS have been to BTN
but not all people who attend BTN have been to OBS,
does that make sense ?

I didn't do any 'research' or google about BTN before I went there on the last week of July,
but my friends did and they told me the keyword was BRAINWASH.
okay.... I was like ??? brainwash about what
then I found out why most people said that when I attended BTN
and was all about government thing...
since I am not really into politic I did not really think it was a big deal
and I still think it's not a big deal

- I just think it was a camp that wanted you to love your country, Malaysia
- to appreciate what the country has done for you,
- most importantly for you to know your own country.
- and to hafal perlembagaan Malaysia and not come out in the exam , lol

yeah you have to sit for an exam on the last day.
honestly, it wasnt that easy and wasnt that hard, if you just do well and take part
in the group discussion, you'll be fine inshaAllah :)

what I like was,
- I get to learn.. ( I know, what a lame answer )
- I really love my group !!!!!
- Gerak Wira
- my group's facilitator , Pak Mat ! he's very fatherly, we all thought he would be super strict but yeah we were so wrong, he's the best
 fyi, most and almost all of the facis are middle age ahjussi, some even have grandchildren already, and dont even think for a second that they would be boring. I think they are so cool, and I respect them a lot, even at their age they voluntarily be a part of BTN to share their knowledge with us. thumbs up !
and of course like any other camp, there's always performance night.
but for BTN it's a bit different, the performance must be based on patriotic songs that were given to each group.
my group 'creatively' recycled Gerak Wira moves into our patriotic song

petronas scholars at BTN @ Tg Rhu :)


or I would call it, the place where you get sun-tanned as a souvenir..
there are a number of courses, from 4 days up to a month, thankfully ( like seriously alhamdulillah )
ours was only a 7-day course.

my OBS experience in 3 words



our dorm is the one on the left, yang atas tu...
so, what is the problem ?
the problem is no one told me, that to get to the dorm, the only way is by using the staircase
and from the picture it doesnt look  that far or high right...
dont be deceived...
untuk naik ke dorm, kene panjat around 200 anak tangga if I'm not mistaken T.T
I was dying on the first day trying to get to our dorm T.T
imagine climbing up carrying 30 kg luggage T.T
nightmare T.T
but alhamdulillah, I survived


we had 4 days and 3 nights expedition which consist of activities such as
kayaking, jungle trekking and rappelling..
rappelling was okay, it's like what all of you are imagining, so lets skip that
kayaking......... at first wiiiii sounds fun
learning session, wiiiii playing in the water
actual thing, TT.TT

seriously, on the first day, kami
kayak for about 7 to 8 hours, around 25 km , pusing keliling Pulau Pangkor,
yup memang laut bukan sungai bukan kolam, laut yang luas tu
your only protection is the life jacket you're wearing..

on the second day, it was easier, the route was shorter, syukur..
did I sound like I was having a hard time kayaking ? 
hmm honestly yes, it wasnt easy, sounds easy, but it's not.
kayaking for 8 hours requires not only physical strength but also a significant level
of mental strength, ( and a strong partner lol )

wasn't it fun ?
of course !!!!! it was tough but I had fun, because I had a great partner, and
the fact that we were kayaking on the vast sea with beautiful scenery
is amazing. 
( well, I believe those who experienced sea sickness wont agree with me )
someone almost fainted but after a while he decided to keep going, 
that is the spirit we're looking for.
big waves were so intimidating but awesome !!! the feels :)
most importantly, everyone was safe and sound. alhamdulillah.


yo, this is not your ordinary jungle trekking
jungle trekking for a whole day was new to me at the time
going up and down, this peak and that peak...
I would say it was tough at first because you're just starting
but as you go further and further inside the jungle, maybe your body
starts to adjust so you'll feel better and more comfortable compared to the first kilometre

some friends got 'bitten' by pacats, but alhamdulillah I am super glad
the extra protection was worth it.....
this camp too,is not excluded from having performance night..


we have reached the end of this post, 
it is very interesting, Allah's plan that we know nothing about
who knows I'll be doing all these stuff with all these people..
learning a lot things, 
experience things that I couldnt imagine doing 
indeed, Allah is the best of planners :) :) :)

P/S : today is august 19 right, 
a month left before.......

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