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End of First Year
20 May 2016 | Friday, May 20, 2016 | 0 CLICK CLICK TO LEAVE A COMMENT ♥

omg, time flies man...
I felt like it was just yesterday I first stepped foot on this land,
which is located almost 7000 miles from home.

A few days ago I successfully (hope so) finished my final paper
and that marked the end of my first year as a chemical engineering student here in UCL.

how do I feel right now ?
freedom, relaxed but not gonna lie, I'm a bit worried, the exams were
definitely not easy :(
TAWAKAL ! He knows what's best.

so,..... I have a month left before heading back to Malaysia,
ya Allah, I can't wait,
and you know what,
I can already see it coming, my little brothers and sister will not be so little any more, 
they're going to be taller and bigger since the last time I saw them which was September last year.

on a side note, I'm going to Cambridge tomorrow and Norway next week, looking forward to that.
and I do feel like starting a special travelogue series, for the places I've travelled to.
that way, this blog wont be that dusty.

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